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Bare Metal Servers (U.S KansasCity)

Our dedicated server offerings can be custom configured to your specifications, so you receive exactly what you need. We keep that server in our datacenter's controlled environment, with all the power, security and bandwidth that you'll ever need to run your Managed and unmanaged dedicated server. We maintain everything from the datacenter's environment to the servers, labor and materials, so that you can focus on what you do best: your business. Place your order online today and we will have your custom built server online within 2-3 business days

Our Dedicated Server packages offer a wide range of next-generation hardware with Visual Web Technologies’s legendary hosting service.

Cheap KansasCity Dedicated Server

Cheap Dedicated Server Kansas City

Plan Name CPU Cores RAM SSD HDD Bandwidth IPv4 Price
Xeon 5420 Dual L5420 Processor 8 GB 500 GB SATA 7200RPM 10 TB - 1 Gbps port 4 usable IPs $170/Month ORDER
Dual L5520 Dual L5520 Processor 24GB DDR3 500 GB SATA 10 TB - 1 Gbps port 4 usable IPs $180/Month ORDER
Dual L5520 -48GB Dual L5520® Processor 48GB DDR3 1x1TB SATA 10 TB - 1 Gbps port 4 usable IPs $200/Month ORDER
Dual L5520 M Dual L5520® Processor 48GB DDR3 2TB SATA 10 TB - 1 Gbps port 4 usable IPs $220/Month ORDER
E3-1230v1 E3-1230v1 Processor 16GB DDR3 1TB SATA 10 TB - 1 Gbps port 4 usable IPs $260/Month Notify Me
Dual L5520 - 2x1TB SATA Dual L5520 48GB DDR3 1TB SATA 1TB SATA 10 TB - 1 Gbps port 4 usable IPs $280/Month ORDER
Dual L5520 - 72GB DDR3 Dual L5520 - 72GB DDR3 72GB DDR3 1TB SATA 10 TB - 1 Gbps port 4 usable IPs $300/Month ORDER
E3-1230v1 - 16GB DDR3 E3-1230v1 - 16GB DDR3 72GB DDR3 2TB SATA 10 TB - 1 Gbps port 4 usable IPs $330/Month ORDER

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Dedicated Server Hosting Features

High Quality Hardware

VisualWebTechnologies's Unmanaged dedicated servers are powered by high quality, enterprise grade hardware. We offer a wide and flexible range of cheap dedicated server configurations and customization options to match any type of requirement.

Powerful Processors

We keep on inducting the latest available processors in our servers range at regular intervals which ensures our hosting servers are in sync with the latest and the most powerful processors available in the market

Hardware Redundancy

All dedicated web servers* by VisualWebTechnologies support Hardware RAID for redundancy, performance and data protection. With Hardware RAID, the drives can be configured to have mirrored images of each other so there is no data loss in case of a hardware disk failure.

Flexibility & Control

With root SSH access and full administrator privileges to the server, you gain complete control over the server and its functioning. Get the freedom to choose and install applications of your choice and host as many websites as you want.

Server Security

Security is our prime concern therefore our infrastructure security is maintained round-the-clock. As far as web servers security is concerned, we undertake data protection responsibility and guard against service interruptions.


With multiple hardware customization options to select from, you have the privilege to choose the amount of RAM, HDD configuration, Control Panel, Addon services and even pick server locations of your choice.

Unmatched Performance

Enjoy high performance and flexibility of a dedicated server as it is completely dedicated to your websites/applications, and not shared with any other user. Our robust dedicated hosting solutions are built for unmatched performance.

Ensure Online Success

We believe in offering fast, reliable, secure, stable and cheapest dedicated server in india for all types of needs of our customers. Fast loading websites and quick response times are key parameters for success of any website and online business.

Account Manager

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you who will be your first point of contact for any issue or query. Account Manager will also be there at all times to assist should you require any additional services, solutions or just an advice.

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